il neige, donc je promène

“It is snowing, therefore I go for a walk.”

A bit counterintuitive, I suppose. Especially for this Florida child. But I did it. I accepted a new friend’s invitation, and together we braved the 7.5-mile trek with a group of strangers. I slipped my way up icy slopes, forded frigid streams, and hiked through snowy woods not far from the urban bustle of Georgetown.

Springtime strolls may have their charm, but winter strolls possess a different kind of magic—a muted, humble kind, and beautiful in its own right.

My favorite sight of the day involved children sledding full-speed down a hill that seemed tailor-made for the purpose, laughter bubbling out of their puffy, cocooned little bodies, while a puppy chased and nipped in their wake.

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True to his namesake, brave Magellan (our hiking group’s unofficial mascot) often led the pack, nose and tail high.  Nothing daunted him.


Chocolate Cupcake of Doom and Razmanian Devil capped things off.

To do what discomforts you, and to accept the unexpected, can seem as treacherous as scaling an ice-slicked incline. Still, the rewards far outweigh the risks: in this case, new friends and delicious, delicious cupcakes.

(trail photographs courtesy of our most esteemed guide, R. Quigley)